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Application :

  • These machines conduct a large number of materials and metals in their different forms and shapes. During the test the machines examine the processes like tension, compression, transverse, bend, shear, brinell Hardness etc.
  • Some special attachments are available in these machines to test chain links, flat belts, wire ropes, etc.

Construction :

  • Loading frame
  • The base of the machine has a hydraulic cylinder at its center and two primary screws at both ends.
  • Through main nuts the middle cross head is affixed on the screws.
  • To adjust the initial tensile/compression clearance, the middle cross head can be moved up or down through geared motor and chain transmission.
  • There is an assembly of upper, lower cross head in each machines. Additionally they have two columns on the same piston rests.
  • The individual orbited cylinder of the piston assembly ensures smooth transfer of force with a minimum friction.

Hydraulic system :

  • The Hydraulic circuit of machines consists of hydraulic power pack having a directly driven radial plunger pump. This pump gives an uninterrupting non pulsating flow of oil pressure that is up to 250 bar.
  • On the power pack of this system, Oil filter, Oil strainer, Air breather, Oil level Indicator and Drain plug are provided for better convenience in the operation.
  • To control the oil flow to cylinder a pressure compensated needle type flow control valve is rendered in the system, which achieves the desired piston speed.
  • With the help of valves, the infinite variable speeds can be easily obtained.

Electrical System :

  • In the electrical system of the machines a separate switch box and electrical panels are given.
  • The hydraulic pump motor and the geared motor both have interlocks include in them.
  • The Limit switches are provided in the system so as to stop the hydraulic pump motor if the load- increases beyond the machine capacity. These switches also help  if the piston stroke is exceeded.
  • The machines have computerized control panels in them.

Load measuring system :

  • The oil pressure in the main cylinder is transported to an electronic pressure transducer which provides a proportionate signal to the

Data Acquisition Unit :

  • The push buttons controls the motors for hydraulic operation and cross head motion. They have interlocks in them to prevent simultaneous working of the Rotary Encoder.
  • The encoder signal is fed to the Data Acquisition Panel so as to get displacement in mm.

Features of Data Acquisition Unit :

  • A Micro-controller based data acquisition system is provided to attain the data acquisition & indication.
  • They have 16 characters and * 2 lines LCD displays for displaying the load & cross head travel value.
  • They also have an Auto-detector for over-load, over travel & specimen break. In the condition of these detections the machine is automatically switched off.
  • The load is indicated with resolution of 0.01% of machine capacity for the total measurement range ( in other words with resolution of 0.04kN for TUE-C-400   Model)
  • The Tare load & reset elongation facilities are available in this unit.
  • The elongation is indicated with a resolution 0.1 mm.
  • In order to store data, the storage space goes through 1 off-line test.

Features of  Win UTM Software :

  • The Win UTM software can attempt a variety of mechanical tests. It can recall data from previous test & prepare the test reports.
  • It has Menu driven software for the easiness in their usages.
  • Through parallel port or USB Port, the test Reports & Graphs can be sent directly to the printer.
  • It has storage & retrieval of the test parameters.
  • It provides the display of load elongation (stress & strain are optional) at any clamant during the test.
  • During the conduction of test, the software gives an on line display of load Vs elongation or Stress Vs Stain characteristics, the plot is auto scaled & displayed.
  • It has selectable units (kN, kgf, mm, inch)
  • It possess variable sample break detection.
  • The load is indicated with a resolution of 0.01% of machine capacity for the complete measurement range of 2% to 100% of machine capacity.

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